Based on data collected by Strategic Research Group (SRG), North Carolina has the 14th highest poverty rate in the nation, Halifax is one of the five highest poverty-stricken counties in North Carolina among minorities, According to the research provided, stable housing in North Carolina for Blacks and other minorities is 36% and for Whites, it is 75%. National numbers show a similar trend, huge disparities between races in a variety of housing and financial sectors. Our Homeward Bound Initiative’s mission is to ensure equitable access to housing opportunities and eliminate disparities within the communities we serve.
Our Financial Literacy Program Offerings Include:

Our Homeward Bound Initiative equity strategy aims to address disparities, eliminate barriers, and promote equitable access to housing opportunities for all eligible individuals and families. Our program will empower and enrich the lives of the people by giving them the tools they need in order to make positive behavioral changes that will improve their financial futures by providing stable, long-term housing and ultimately homeownership.


Through individual and group education session(s), a Financial Wellbeing Coach teaches you the information you need to know to be a first-time home buyer.


In a series of individual coaching sessions, a HUD-certified, Financial Wellbeing Coach will give you opportunities to practice what you learned in the group education session(s). Your coach will teach you what the loan process includes, guide you through the steps of the purchase process and then continue to support you once the process is completed.


As you work with your Financial Wellbeing Coach, you will be connected with various resources through our special partnerships

Program Offerings

  • Transforming lives and strengthening communities.
  • Self-Sufficiency Program through financial literacy and homeownership
  • By using homeownership as a stabilizing force
  • Offer group education classes and coaching sessions to provide you with the knowledge, skills and resources to overcome challenges first-time homebuyers face as you go through the homebuying process